Clean Sweep of Nashville


Improve Your Environment.

Welcome to Clean Sweep of Nashville, TN, the leading street sweeping company in the Southeast. We serve commercial clients and municipalities in southeastern Tennessee with parking lot and street sweeping, as well as, groundskeeping services. For more than 30 years, Clean Sweep has improved the environment and minimized waste caused by runoff. Learn more about why street sweeping and construction sweeping are so important to Nashville businesses and the community.

Clean Sweep = Clean Streets + Clean Streams

Streets and roads are consistently bombarded by litter, emissions, green waste, and wear and tear of asphalt. Daily, this material is absorbed by soil and leached by waterways. This runoff can reemerge in our drinking and bathing water source. To reduce runoff and improve the water quality of your property or municipality, choose our professional street sweeping services.

Choosing Street Sweeping in Nashville, Tennessee

Our mission is to help you improve the environmental quality of your property. Whether you are a city planner, construction site project manager or a manufacturer, we are ready to provide street, roadway and parking lot sweeping for your company.

To get started with professional street sweeping and property maintenance in Nashville, TN, Contact our Office at 423-877-9192 to request a quote for services.